The argument for collecting various objects - at a time when the digital culture has created an almost paperless and material free society - is that the act of "collecting" is a very human thing to do. In fact, there is now resurgence in people collecting various antiques and collectibles. For instance, the return of stamp dealers -- for both for online and traditional shop sales -- is a clear indication that paper collectibles may be on the rebound after the Internet revolution lured people into the cyber world of small screen viewing for entertainment.

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Today, there is a trend for people to touch, feel and even smell items they collect over simply viewing them online, explained an antique expert commenting online.

Collectibles offered online

Another aspect of collecting is linked to investments and making money online selling curios and other collectibles. For example, the trend in online auctions is returning with many collectors searching for rare books, stamps, sports cards, furniture and anything and everything that is viewed as old and having monetary value. There are also many new manufactured collectibles featured online that are designed for those eager to acquire an item that may have future value due to rarity or some other reason. In brief, collecting has become fun again for people worldwide.

Collecting denotes types of collectibles

While it is known that companies that produce certain "collectible" items do so to increase sales, and create a certain demand. For instance, an Elmo toy was marketed as "rare" and difficult to find a few years ago when Elmo was "the" hot toy for Christmas giving. Today, the same Elmo toy is viewed as a hot collectible simply because lots and lots of people desire it back in the day.

In addition, there are numerous types of collectibles that have value simply because someone wants it for various reasons. Thus, what drives someone to being collect or not collect something is not easy to pin down because collecting, like human beings, is a very complex with no one definition to explain it.

Collectibles are fun interesting

Because a collectible becomes a "collectible" when there is a limited supply, it makes good financial sense to try and find the best antiques and collectibles at a low price so the items can be turned into profits on an online auction. The great appeal of collectibles is they usually increase in value over time due to rarity and other factors. However, there is a concern among investors that there is a real drawback to collecting certain obscure antiques and other items that may lack liquidity in the future.

In turn, there is a massive presence for collectibles online with regular updates about values going either up or down. The result is collectibles are not going away, but simply evolving into a new role with the Internet helping in many interesting ways to both find and sell collectibles.

Overall, the main draw for collectibles is simply the fun factor for people young and old who like to own something they enjoy having on display or in their possession.